Blah Pin


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Blah pin handmade with plastic shrinkfilm.

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Blah Pin

Sometimes life is just like that.

Sometimes life gets ya down—might as well celebrate it with a pin, I guess? The Blah pin is all about being okay with sometimes not being okay. It’s the perfect way to express yourself. Wear this on your jean jacket, backpack, fanny pack (bum bag, if you prefer), shirt collar, sneakers, or wherever, really.

Comes with a slick 3″ x 3″ backing card.

Approx. 1″ x .75″ handmade shrinkfilm plastic pin with butterfly clutch.

All shrinkfilm pins are handmade with love and care by me, yours truly, Super Cool Heck Yeah. Because they are handmade, each pin is unique, so you can truly brag about your pin being one of a kind! And you’re supporting a small, independent business. Pretty neat, huh?

Thanks for looking, and wishing you a super cool day!

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Weight .4 oz
Dimensions .75 × 1 × .125 in


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